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JS Milestones
Career Milestones

Partial collection of articles about Joe Sparks, Radiskull & Devil Doll, Dicky & Jackie

(Sorry if some of the older links have been moved or gone missing)

Major Appearances:

Joe Sparks AP News Story in Wide circulation (as of 2002)
(notes from July August 2002) Wow! A story about me & my flash cartoons is running all over the country! In USA Today! From the San Francisco Chronicle to the Chicago Tribune! In Portland Oregon, LA, and Lubbock Texas! You can find it online all over the place. Like DETROIT. FLORIDA. This is bringing a lot of cool people out of the woodwork! The story mentions Dicky & Jackie, and how I had to stop working on Radiskull & Devil Doll.

AP Story and other articles spread through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria! Check these samples, yo:
rp-online ** Der Standard Dicky & Jackie ** ** n-tv-de ** ** ebund ** emedia
kurier online ** **

TIME Magazine - ON Entertainment Guide, January 2002.

Macworld February 2001 - Page 30 Story- COOL! It has been a long time since I was in Macworld!

Wall Street Journal DIGITS column about Devil Doll - September 28th 2000
-- They had a cool illustration of a bunch of Devil Dolls surrounding the sock puppet!

New York Times Front Page Article on Web Cartoons - October 28th 2000
-- Neato! Unfortunately, screen shots of my stuff were deeper in the story, and just missed the front page.

Spin Magazine - Online Animation

Yahoo Internet Life - House Favorite Radiskull & Devil Doll

Houston Chronicle - What's Online

I also heard Radiskull was in TV Guide, Yahoo Magazine, Rolling Stone, and some others. If you see an appearance, please let me know!

Articles of the "HOW DID YOU GET STARTED?" type, with bits about Flash, animation, and so on:

Zap2It! - Radiskull & Devil Doll Kick It Some More
Pretty cool article! One correction... they start it with "More than 10,000 viewers since 1999.." Actually, it is more than 10,000 LETTERS from fans (at the time. Now, over 50,000 letters received by Joe Sparks as of May 2002). Millions of unique viewers have seen Radiskull & Devil Doll by now. Radiskull can easily get 10k viewers in a single day. - Joe Sparks Q & A
The Game Spy people are great!

Design In Motion Interview - Joe Sparks Animates Radiskull & Devil Doll
Cool designer-focused site

TechTV - Dash On Location with Joe Sparks
The came to my studio, and I made a fool of myself!

Groovie Stylie - Interview with Joe Sparks

Cool Stuff

Had fun at Flashforward Amsterdam! That was cool! Thanks to all who showed up. Someone took a photo and wrote an article HERE.

Bandwidth "A Popular Culture Electronic Magazine"
Nice article about R & DD!

Totally CHIC! (Chic or Shriek Review Site)
This doesn't happen everyday!

New Media Interview with Joe Sparks

A long time ago, a great big story on the making of Spaceship Warlock appeared in the 5th issue of New Media Magazine. Nearly 10 years later, the Magazine has been replaced by, and lucky for me, I'm still popping up in the great NewMedia.

IGN for Men - Weird Wild Web

TechTV Movies Online - Radiskull & Devil Doll

TechTV - Top Ten Web Movies

Very OLD stuff

Article about my early work for NASA Ames Research

On a Scale of 1-10, Total Distortion Is a Fish

SALON: Total Distortion caps an era of CD-ROM games

Joe Sparks Micro Bio

Google Search for Joe Sparks + Radiskull

Google Search for Radiskull <- THOUSANDS of Radiskull pages out there!

Hi Res photos for print. Silly!

Joe Sparks <>

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