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TOTAL DISTORTION CD-ROM GAME published & developed by Pop Rocket, Inc.

A few of the AWARDS AND HONORS collected by Total Distortion:

Multimedia World All Star 3rd Annual PC ENTERTAINMENT Editors Choice Awards, Jan '96

Invision Awards
Award of Excellence

Invision Awards (3)
- Techinical, Creative Excellence
- Best Audio/Soundtrack - Gold Medal
- Adventure Game - Silver Medal

Computer Life
- Best of Everything 1996
- Popular Music Award

New Media Magazine, Feb '96
The New Media AWESOME Award

"Clearly this is an adventure game to be enjoyed even by people who hate adventure games. In fact, there's so much going on in it that you can have a high old time even if you never get past the starting gate."
Entertainment Weekly

"Total Distortion stands out to the test of time because its premise and artistic vision are as original and as appealing as when the title was first announced... 5 Stars."
Multimedia World

"Forget Mario & Myst. Mr. Red and his musical munchkins are going to blow the top off computer gaming. This is the next big thing- the game that will move the industry into the 21st century and have other designers losing sleep just trying to catch up."
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