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Candy Angel's Help Page

Good spots for trouble shooting & testing:

No Audio? Silence?!?

You should be hearing something as soon as the animation begins. If not, you probably need the latest Flash Player for your web browser. This is very easy to get and only takes a short time.

Get the latest Flash Player here!
In most cases, you will NOT need to quit your web browser to upgrade.

Is the show playback skipping, jerking, breaking up, or ending too soon?

A computer can only do so much before it starts to bog down under the weight of too many things. You might need to lighten the burden on your pitiful beast, and free it up to focus on Radiskull & Devil Doll.

Quick things to try for smoother animation:

1. Quit any other software you might have running, especially if the software is demanding on your computer. Things like games, video players, audio players, and even word processors can steal computer power needed for the best possible playback.

2. Close all web pages except the page with the cartoon. This is usually not a problem, but if you have extra web pages open that contain other animations (even small animated ads) this could be a performance drain.

3. Wait for the whole thing to download. Just the act of downloading the animation can slow down your computer. If your computer is older, downloading can greatly interfere with smooth playback.

VERY IMPORTANT! This next one is the cause of many problems:
4. INCREASE the size of your browser cache to at least 10 megs. Every browser has a cache size setting, which is the total amount of space your browser is allowed to save on your hard drive. Once the cache is full, the browser begins trashing items to make room for new stuff. If the cache is too small ( like only 1 meg ) then a 2 meg cartoon can cause a problem. Choose preferences or settings on the browser menu and look for something called 'Cache' or 'disk cache size', and incease it to 15 megs, or even higher if you have enough hard disk space. For example, in Netscape, the path is preferences > advanced > cache >disk cashe. The best way: close all web pages, adjust the cache size, hit the clear cache button, quit and restart your browser.

5. Macintosh Tips - Assorted memory issues: Assign more RAM to your web browser. You should have at least 16000k (16 megs) assigned, though more is better. How? Quit browser. Get info on the browser icon in the finder, then choose memory > preferred size, on the window that appears . If you have plenty of RAM (like 64 megs or more) put at least 20000 in this box (20 megs). Virtual memory- if you have plenty of RAM, consider turning this off for better performance (Control Panels > Memory > Virtual Memory).

Things you might want to avoid:

1. Do not adjust your browser window size and location while playing. Why? Well, usually this is NO PROBLEM, but I have occasionally seen the animation rewind to the beginning when resizing a window, and others have told me the same. If you need to, adjust window size before you play. Just a tip.

2. Don't try to play R&DD at full screen, because you will only see a fraction of the animation frame rate, (usually plays only 2-3 frames a second full screen, instead of the whole 15). Flash will skip over frames when it can't draw it all. The most powerful desktop computer out there cannot play Radiskull and Devil Doll full screen. Maybe in a year or two, there will be a fast enough computer. Until then, you'll just be making me mad if you do this.

"This page is no help!"

Shh! Don't make Candy cry. Pretend you are happy!