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Are you interested in the tools and work behind this madness? Are you a Flash animator who wants a peek at how a fellow flasher works? Then jump to:

..and read about my coffee soaked nights with Flash, Freehand, and other graphics & music tools.

Super-Sized Action-Packed Episode!

Episode 8: "Candy in Hell"

Oh my God! Candy faces the forces of Evil in this giant episode! See the supernatural battle between Candy & Wicked Nikki! Fly through the hot skies of Hades! Watch Devil Doll race past lakes of lava & hell-fire to meet his fate!

Episode 8 Page
The bond of friendship between demons!

Episode 7: "Radiskull's Cave"

Devil Doll finally arrives at Radiskull's Cave for a little one-on-one chat with the giant floating skulll... then they kick it.

Episode 7 Page
A Truck Load of Pain!

Episode 6: "Wicked Nikki!"

R & DD kick it again with a new song called "BRING ON THE PAIN." A curious demon lady desires to dominate Devil Doll. Candy hits a road block on the Highway to Hell.

Episode 6 Page
Microsode! Radiskull Raps!

Episode 5: "Angel, This is Wrong!"

A small continuation from Episode 4. Features Candy Angel sneaking out of heaven, a rap from Radiskull, and not much else!

Episode 5 Page
Escape from Heaven!

Episode 4: "Love 'N' Stuff!"

Continues from Episode 3! Features Candy Angel at the Angel Girl Academy, a solo song from Devil Doll, and a glimpse at a sinister new demon!

Episode 4 Page
Snow on ground. Hearts on Fire!

Episode 3: "Radiskull Hate Snow!"

Radiskull is lost in the snow and Devil Doll must find him. Or course, they must kick it again, but this time the song is twice as long. Contains bizarre tree dancing, vandalism, more fire breathing, hell holes, and could it be... LOVE?

Episode 3 Page
Dramatic depiction of cruelty

Episode 2: "Hella Weenie"

Halloween night: The neighborhood nerd is playing tricks on the kids. Radiskull & Devil Doll show up and kick it hard. Contains chocolate eating, fruit spitting, and sweater ripping.

Episode 2 Page
The original episode!

Episode 1: "I am the Radiskull..."

In this freaky little first appearance of R & DD, you will meet the wicked ones. See boiling hot coffee. Discover hellish singing, rapping, dancing, and finally, complete exhaustion.

Episode 1 Page
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