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Radi-News Archive
This is where the front page ramblings go to rest in peace.

June-July 2001

Let's meet at FlashForward NYC!
I am looking forward showing off R & DD at Flash Forward 2001 NYC!! I will be taking apart the show again, on July 11th 2001! Details HERE.

Episode 9 is coming soon!
Sorry for the delays, it has been a bit chaotic around here. I just want you to know that Episode 9 is close, and you will be seeing it soon. I will let you know on the DAY it comes out, if you get join my mailing list HERE.

New Submissions!
The kick it Back Hall of Fame has been updated!

watanabe 3D DD

There's more! Click HERE.

What happened to the old store?
I tried to warn you! I told you that there were only a few days left to get that stuff! I wasn't kidding! The old store was too expensive for us in many ways, so we had to close it. Part of the problem: the old store was a promotional thing and we pretty much sold stuff at cost. It worked great and we sold thousands upon thousands of items, but now we need to try something new. We are working on a new store for you. It is not there yet, but I will let you know when something is ready if you join my mailing list HERE.

April 2001

Episode 8 is here!
This one is huge! Plenty of hellish vistas and goofy action sequences. Let me know what you think of it!

New Submissions!
The kick it Back Hall of Fame has been updated! Here's one of my favorites in a long time, a great, funny & cool Radiskull comic page from A.V. Phibes:

There's more! Click HERE.

The STORE is OPEN.. but...
...these might be your LAST DAYS to get anything from the original line of merchandise, as we could be changing things around very soon. Not kidding, my dear collectors...

Nice to see you at FlashForward SF.
I had a great time showing off R & DD at Flash Forward 2001 San Francisco, what a great audience! If you were there, you got an early peek at the now complete Episode 8. I will be taking apart the show again, at Flash Forward NYC, coming in July 2001!

February 2001 ( update # 2 )

Episode 7 is here.
Just look over to the right, under episodes!
Episode 8 is very close to complete, and I am getting excited about it!

January 2001

Episode 7 Status
Episode 7 is COMPLETE. It will be released near the end of January 2001. If you are on my mailing list, you will be notified when it is here. Episode 7 is fairly long and detailed, I can't wait 'til you see it!

November 2000

Episode 7 Status
Episode 7 is late, but still coming soon. If you are on my private mailing list, I will let you know when it is ready. To distract you, I have uploaded a couple of my own Joe Sparks songs. I do music outside of Radiskull & Devil Doll.

October 2000

Item 1: The STORE is OPEN!
Very cool! Doll, shirts, and more HERE. We keep selling out of items, but we restock them quickly. People seem to be happy with the Devil Dolls:

Freya loves Devil Doll! Devil Doll DOLL
Freya loves Devil Doll! DEVIL DOLL: BUY ME TODAY!

Item 2: Kick it Back Hall of Fame

A whole new world of fantastic contributions from the friends of R&DD! Dig this wicked painting of R & DD from artist Ayano Koshiro! Full size HERE.


Item 3: Episode 5
Its a tiny one, but the song is ok. See the link over there? Or click HERE!

Radiskull + Devil Doll Shirt

Item 4: I need an Animator.
Are you a Flash animator who can help me continue this series? Are you good at keeping a character consistent? Wanna make Devil Doll dance? I'm interested in you. Click HERE for more.

Item 5: New Site Index
Find every page on the site with Candy Angel's EXTREMELY Helpful Site Index!

RADI-NEWS Early September 2000

Item 1: My favorite art submission
Dig this wicked painting of R & DD from artist Ayano Koshiro! Full size here.

Item 2: Episode 4 Launch Date
Episode 4 will be launched on September 26th, 2000. On that day, the Radiskull & Devil Doll STORE will be open, with cool dolls, t-shirts, and stuff!

Devil Doll DOLL! Available 9/26

Item 3: Sneak Peek at Episode 4
Take a look at these screen shots from episode 4! Tiny animated preview here.

Candy Angel Baby T-Shirt

Item 4: Episode 5 is done.
Sorry to tease you like this, but I just want you to know that things are moving along over here, & episodes are cranking. Even Episode 6 is very near to completion. A steady diet of weird little R & DD shows will be marching your way after Episode 4 launches.

R&DD T-Shirt

RADI-NEWS August 2000

Item 1: Episode 4 in testing
Episode 4, featuring Candy Angel, Radiskull, and Devil Doll, is complete. The new episode will be launched soon, with new episodes to follow every 2 weeks or so! Well... that's the plan anyway. I think we can do it...

Item 2: Sneak Peek at Episode 4
Take a look at these screen shots from episode 4!

Item 3: Coming Soon! Wicked Stuff... OOPS.. I can't talk about this..
I mentioned the products too soon, so I have to be quiet about that for now...

Item 4: Is Joe Sparks Dead?
Nope. I am still here. Thanks for asking. I was out of it for a while, lost in space, hanging with the Hopi, was booked in Bakersfield as an Elvis impersonator, got mixed up in some SEC voilations, was abducted in New Orleans, suffered a bogus concealed weapon charge (I was framed), after a wild night at a strange party I woke up in a tub fulla dry ice (liver intact, thanks). After way too much perspective, I am happy to be back on Radiskull & Devil Doll.

Item 5: Way Cool Site of the Day
Coolness: was picked as the Cool Site of the Day for August 21st, 2000. Cool! Thanks!

RADI-NEWS April 2000

Item 1: New Episode News
Some of you are a little nervous. Don't worry- Radiskull & Devil Doll #4 WILL be coming out, along with some other surprises. You WILL see Candy Angel again.

Item 2: Nice ta meet'cha at FF2000
IIt was truly a blast to meet people at Flash Forward 2000, in San Francisco. I showed Radiskull & Devil Doll to over 2000 people, live on stage! The audience was very enthusiatic! It was like a dream come true. After the show, I met many nice people.

DI-NEWS March 2000

Item 1: Flash Forward 2000
I will be speaking at Flash Forward 2000, in San Francisco. The show runs from March 27th to March 29th 2000. (This show is centered around Macromedia Flash, the primary tool I use to create the cartoons.) I'm looking "flash" forward to meeting some of you there! I will post exact times and dates later. This fine conference is also the first actual sponsor of Radiskull & Devil Doll, so if you are interested in one of the greatest, most creative web tools ever, be sure to check them out. Tell 'em Radiskull & Devil Doll sent you!

Item 2: More Radical submissions
Radiskull & Devil Doll must attract a very creative bunch of people! Check out the Kick It Back page and see some new dolls from our artistic friends in the hardcore section of the audience. I have a load of new art, music, and other things that I have not added yet, hope to get around to it soon.

Item 3: New Production Notes
For the animators out there, here's little bit about fake 3D effects in Flash.

Item 4: The Thanks Again item

Sincere thanks to everyone for showing up, and a special thanks to all of you who have written. I'm sorry I can't write everyone back, but most of you are on my little hand-made mailing list, so I will be email-bombing you when Episode 4 is ready. Feel like staying in touch? Want to send Devil Doll a letter? Details HERE.

Radi-News February 2000

Item 1: Thank you.
A big THANKS to the thousands of people who sent email & friends! Because of you, the diabolic duo are back to kick it again. But don't stop now... GIVE to Radiskull! Click KICK IT BACK to contact me and my pals at

Item 2: New episode 3!
Yep, here it is. I hope you like it! Let me know! Woulda been here sooner, but those stupid holidays always get in the way of everything.

Item 3: New site!
Extra thanks to for providing this little haven for R & DD. You'll find more junk now- graphics, sounds, weird stuff, notes, lyrics, and more. And don't miss this.

Item 4: T-Shirts coming
You demanded t-shirts, so we are working on a good solution. Come back in few days for an update...

Item 5: DOLL Rumor?
While walking the hallowed halls of, I heard word of Devil Doll DOLL investigations. I'm talking about a real toy you can hold. So, here we go again... Would a cute little plush Devil Doll be of interest? Let us know: kick it back!

Radi-News Christmas Eve 1999

Just a little thing: Holiday Graphic HERE

Radi-News December 1999

Item 1: BY POPULAR DEMAND! MP3 files of the SONGS and LYRICS!! AND MORE...

Item 2: Another episode might be in the works... that's all I can say! If you have emailed me, I will let you know when it goes up. This time, I will go out of my way collecting high quality screen shots, audio files, MP3 music files, voices, wall paper, and other items you have requested. TIP: to automatically get on my email list, include the word Radiskull in your email subject line when you write.

Item 3: So many of you have asked for T-Shirts! I just might be able to swing it if you are really serious. Email me with the subject "I want a Radiskull T-Shirt" Email shortcut HERE. Do you REALLY want this? Enough to pay like fourteen dollars or something?

Item 4: THANK YOU for your LETTERS! I read every single one. You have sent me so many interesting ideas, stories, and theories! It makes everyday worthwhile just to open up my email. It is really hard for me to answer them all, but I hope to catch up with your letter and write you back! I've written about 400 replies so far, sorry If I haven't written you yet. Meanwhile, I will try to write an update now and then, and most important, get another episode out!

Stone Cold Wishes,

Joe Sparks