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Production notes - from my little studio.

Production Note 1
Rough notes for Episodes 1 & 2

Production Note 2: Fake 3D effects in Episode 3

Joe Sparks / Radiskull Interviews & Articles (some are Flash Production related)

Welcome to my studio!

Joe's Animation workstation

This is my main workstation area where I work on Radiskull & Devil Doll. I mainly work on a Macintosh G4 (update: and a new Pentium 4). My shelves of software are dominated by the rich history of Macromedia software.

This is my MUSIC workstation area where I work on the songs for Radiskull & Devil Doll. I have arrange it so that I can record vocals, play guitar, use the computer, MIDI controller keyboard, and mixer board all from the same chair and table. It took many tries over several years to finally pack my recording studio into this tiny space!

Overview of Audio Gear:
(Update 2004: using SONAR 3 on a P4 now)

I use a Mackie 32/4 Mixer, plus Korg, Roland, EMU, & Yamaha Synths, DigiDesign SampleCell, my old G&L SC-1 guitar.
My best mic is the decent Audio-Technica AT 3525.
Everything is controlled by Macintosh with a Yamaha DSP Factory digital audio card.
I mix down onto a Tascam DA-20 MKII DAT deck.
I used to use OpCode StudioVision as my main MIDI/Audio recording software, but I have been using Steinberg CUBASE for about a year. I intend to give Logic a try soon.
I use much more than this... I hope to write more about it soon.

You should have FLASH, my most important tool:


Check back later for more notes about animation & music production.

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