Where is Episode 9? I have been asked this question in thousands of your emails since 2001.

I finished a large piece of it in 2001, but I lost my source files for this episode along the way. I didn’t know the source files were missing until I started to work on it again at the end of last year (2017).  After a multi-month search across hard disks, CD-ROMs, DVD-Rs, USBs… I finally found them on an obscure DVD-RAM cart .

Upon careful review of all animation I have completed, I have decided that I must expand on the story and bring a definitive resolution to the Candy Angel Saga. It’s going to be good, but it will require new animation, new voice recordings. It will be worth it.

I must finish and release it, as I promised I would long ago. This will break the curse.

When the episode is good enough, and I have found some of my audience (+25k subscribers), I will launch episode 9. Please let Radiskull fans you may know, and let them know about this site and my youtube channel.

Scene from E9

Meanwhile, I may release other Radiskull & Devil Doll songs and skits before I end the original series. For example, I released a new Radiskull song on Christmas Day 2017: Radiskull Christmas Rap Carol.

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~ Joe Sparks, San Francisco June 2018