“Coffee with Friends” featuring Radiskull and Devil Doll by Joe Sparks

Radiskull & Devil Doll are together again for the FIRST TIME in 17 YEARS! I’m proud to announce my latest all-original, all-independent, animated music video! Radiskull and Devil Doll make a hard-rockin’ cameo  in the middle of Coffee with Friends

Coffee with Friends
“Coffee with Friends” featuring Radiskull and Devil Doll created by Joe Sparks

This is the first time I have animated and voiced these two since the year 2001. I really hope you will enjoy this, and encourage me to continue with your likes and subscribes! http://bit.ly/RadCoffee

Look how GOOD they LOOK in 2018:

When I started Radiskull and Devil Doll, everyone was on dial-up modems! I had to be very careful to compress everything, keep window sizes small, frames rates way down, limit the quality of audio and everything else. Today in our Sci-Fi reality, high-definition audio and video flow through the world like a raging river! Now I can really let loose with fog, smoke, lights, shadows, camera work and more. And best of all, the audio is pristine. I hope you view on a nice big monitor, and listen on good speakers!

To commemorate the 2018 return of Radiskull & Devil Doll in “Coffee with Friends,” this:

"Coffee with Friends" mugs
“Coffee with Friends” mugs

Return of Radiskull & Devil Doll Coffee mugs available here:

For most of my life, I’ve been told coffee was bad for me. I never believed it. Not for a minute! Turns out I was right, and we now know coffee is one of the healthiest things you can drink. It is rich in antioxidants. It is delicious.

It makes friends more friendly. You should have some coffee with friends every day!


Sun Moon Coffee
Cosmic Coffee break in “Coffee with Friends”

I started drinking coffee when I was 4 years old. My next-door neighbor made it for me, and we would sit on her front lawn in lawn chairs and sip coffee. I loved it. I also loved coffee candy and coffee ice cream as a kid.

I encourage you to give your children coffee as early as possible and as much as they can drink. And maybe, just maybe, your kids might turn out like (see video for more info)

After the music video plays I engage in a little bit of story-telling and horseplay:Some parts I create with Adobe Animate CC (formally known as Flash). I export layers of high-resolution vector animation as alpha-channel video, and bring it in into Adobe After Effects. After Effects has a beautiful 3D camera system. I’ve been animating the camera to the beat of the music and it brings the scenes to life in a unique way.

Coffee with Friends Title v3c
Coffee with Friends Title v3c


I will do a follow-up article on the tools and techniques. Meanwhile: my TOOLS PAGE

Radiskull and Devil Doll inside After Effects
Radiskull and Devil Doll inside After Effects

I hope you will subscribe to my YouTube channel and revisit JoeSparks.com.

Thanks again for watching, sharing, subscribing, and leaving comments. Thank you for being here. With you in the audience I will be able make more music videos. I want to create musical art that stands the test of time.

Thanks again, and “be excellent to each other!”

Joe Sparks
August 2018


“Coffee with Friends” featuring Radiskull and Devil created by Joe Sparks
All characters, animation, photography, music, and lyrics COPYRIGHT 2018 by Joe Sparks of JOESPARKS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
“Radiskull & Devil Doll” are the trademarks and intellectual property of Joe Sparks

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