“Performing Radiskull & Devil Doll Live” new vid posted

Recorded live at LeapFrog headquarters in Emeryville California. I was an game developer/designer there. I was enlisted (by rad-friendly fans) to perform at the LeapFrog Talent Show + Bring your Kids to Work Day. (!!!) Thank you so much for your likes, subscribes and comments!

RDD Live
Radiskull & Devil Doll Live Video Thumbnail

A Dramatic Reading of Selected Radiskull and Devil Doll Episodes! I wrapped up with some modern commentary and remastered music. I hope you enjoy it! Read the comments: people seem into it!

Joe Sparks performs live
Joe Sparks performs Radiskull and Devil Doll live at LeapFrog.

While working on a new studio tour video, I started cleaning, organizing, opening old boxes. I came across many old artifacts in the past week or two. I turned this one into a new video on my YouTube channel:

Where are you, Millions of Radiskull & Devil Doll fans?

I’m searching for those millions of Radiskull & Devil Doll fans from 2001. (I used to get more than a million unique visitors a month, years before YouTube existed!) If you know some, please let them know that I am BACK AT IT? I really appreciate your help to bring that audience back. An audience will make it possible for me to finish R&DD episode 9 (BIG PLANS!!).

amazing Radiskull Devil Doll fan art at tattoos
Tiny sample of the amazing Radiskull Devil Doll fan art and tattoos out there!

See more amazing art by search Google Images: https://www.google.com/search?q=radiskull+%26+devil+doll+fan+art&tbm=isch

Special Thanks to Gabriel Turk for giving me the CD-ROM with his edited version of my performance video. Otherwise, I would not be able to share this with you!

Joe Sparks at LeapFrog
From way back: Standing over my work space at LeapFrog in Emeryville California

Just for fun, I’ve included some post-it note art I made at LeapFrog and posted in my cubicle, from back in those days. I was developing my “Dicky & Jackie” enhanced-stick-figure style back in that time zone shortly after shockwave.com collapsed in the great crash.

Return of Radiskull & Devil Doll Coffee mugs available here:

"Coffee with Friends" mugs
“Coffee with Friends” mugs

NEW: 2018 Radiskull & Devil Doll cameo in the animated music video “Coffee with Friends” http://bit.ly/RadCoffee

If you are interested in making animation and music video, please visit my tools page:

Joe Sparks’ Creative Tools 2018

I will be adding many more tools to that page soon, to accompany my studio tour video.

Thank you so much for your likes, subscribes and comments!

Joe Sparks

I worked on games that shipped with LeapFrog’s first Leapster device (like a game boy). I made the dancing robot game. I pushed really hard to create new characters for LeapFrog, but they explained it was much safer to invest in their Disney Licenses. What could have been?

P.S. #2
While I am best known for Total Distortion and Spaceship Warlock, I also worked on many other games for more companies (stories for another day!)

P.S. #3
I used to do this R&DD act at poetry slams, it always worked live! I killed!

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