I recently returned to France and Basque Country for 2nd time this year. I brought my sons Max & Sam this time. I also took a little red friend named Devil Doll. He stayed hidden in my backpack for most of the trip, but he came out for a few photos along the way!


Notre Dame is getting repaired. Devil Doll smiles inappropriately.
What could go wrong with Radiskull & Devil Doll @ #NotreDame in #Paris #France https://t.co/Qhk9WNVgSf

Watch out, Devil Doll! Archangel Michael is very dangerous! How do you think Radiskull LOST his baby skull-bat wings all those years ago? Devil Doll at Fontaine Saint-Michel #Paris #France https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fontaine_Saint-Michel



Bordeaux Intercontinental Hotel

Bordeaux France is a magical, beautiful city. People just live and have fun in this wonderful place. Very lively, historic, and incredible food, produce, wine, cheese, everywhere!

Checking in to our Bordeaux Apartment.
Très chic! Arty Place!
Holding Devil Doll over the streets of Bordeaux, like the reincarnation of Michael Jackson!
I really loved this perch above Saint Paul neighborhood of Bordeaux. I look forward to returning over and over again.

Gallery of Bordeaux Photos

Biarritz, France

The 2019 G7 meeting (of the most powerful people in the western world) was held here, just a couple weeks before we arrived. For about a week in Biarritz, France (officially in real Basque Country) I forgot to photo Devil Doll. I know! I gave him a good view though, so he was happy.

View from our apartment deck, Villa le Goéland peeking up over all the buildings.
3 of the best beaches in the world are just outside

Here’s about 10% of the photos I took in Biarritz, Bayonne, and Bidart France:

Donostia * San Sebastian * Cultural Capital Pays Basque

Devil Doll loves seeing himself on the big screen! This is from our apartment in San Sebastian.
Now you can see my reflection, as I take a photo with my amazing Google Pixel 3A (my only camera on this trip).
On our outdoor deck in San Sebastian, you can see the tower on the highest nearby peak: Torreon Monte Igeldo!
Here’s the view from the top of that tower, looking back on our place in San Sebastian!

On top of Monte Igeldo is an amusement park build in 1912. Read more. It has a roller coaster and this amazing tower. Here’s some of my photos from there:

Gare Hendaye: to Catch a Train back to Paris!

The high-speed train awaits. We’ll be back in Paris before we know it!

A Few More Days in Paris

Our lovely perch above Rue Guisarde and Rue Princess, one of the GREAT party spots of all Paris!
On the weekend nights, this whole street is packed with hard-partying Parisiens drinking/smoking until 6AM

Thanks for looking at my travel photos!

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